Make every ride count!

No matter how you make your way from A to B, scan your ticket, receive points and choose your rewards.

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How To Upryde

Scan your ticket

Regardless of how you get around - we only use the tickets you provide us with. No GPS tracking!

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How To Upryde

Collect points

Not only the distance counts, you already receive points for each uploaded ticket.

Point System
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How To Upryde

Choose your reward

Get instant rewards or collect your points for the jackpot.


Our rewards for your rides:


Any questions?

If you have a questions, no problem, we are here to help you with the answer


You will receive one point for every travelled kilometer (air-line distance).

We are sorry! That could have different reasons. Either your trip did not take place exclusively in Germany, you reached your daily point limit of 5.000 points or the ticket is from a mobility provider which we currently do not support.

Per ticket you will receive a maximum of 2.000 points and on one day you cannot get more than 5.000 points.