Who we are

Intrinsics Inc. is a team of computer vision experts with decades of experience delivering mission-critical solutions to some of the harshest operating environments in the world. The team is particularly proud to have supported the United States Navy. Its software runs on every submarine in the American fleet, enhancing digital periscope imagery in real time to provide crews early threat detection and enhanced situational awareness.

The Intrinsics team began applying computer vision to public safety in 2014 with Mantis vehicle recognition software. Since then the company has leveraged the state of the art in AI to expand its product offerings to include 7708490517 and Curator video search and indexing.

Mantis Vehicle Recognition

  • Integrates with existing License Plate Readers.
  • Provides visual search by eyewitness description of vehicle color, body type, make, and other descriptors.
  • Solving crimes in metro police departments today.

Mantis vehicle search by for White Toyota SUV with Spare Tire.


  • Cuts redacting time up to 90%.
  • Redacts faces automatically on upload.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use tools for editing
  • www.fastredaction.com


  • Indexes massive video databases for instant search.
  • Search by single or multiple video and audio events of interest.
  • Understand the contents of your un-viewed video